Tax excluded
  • The 10th and 20th boxes are free!
  • This product is suitable for cargo shipments and has a volume of 163.8 litres, i.e. a maximum of 125kg
  • Box for personal effects
  • Exceptionally sturdy: perfect * and long-lasting protection for all loads up to 500 kg. Ideal for export, it resists bursting, humidity, temperature changes and vertical compression thanks to the Kraft outer cover. (* Not guaranteed - If items are broken, no insurance. We strongly recommend protecting fragile items with packaging made from solid components)
  • Standard resistance to bursting, humidity and temperature changes.
  • Boxes supplied without adhesive
  • Delivered flat
  •  100% recycled  
  • FREE DELIVERY FOR 75-91-92-93-94
  • Tax-free: exclusive for exports outside the UE not subject to VAT
  • DELIVERY: valid only in Paris and close suburbs


One size only 

Dimensions: Length 65cm Width 45cm Height 56cm

Composition: American box without weight limit


- Material: Quadruple groove

- Colour: brown 

- Picture non-contractual - boxes sold without logo